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About Hostel World

Hostelworld is a leading online travel agent, especially for hostels. They enable travellers to experience new places and people in a fun, memorable way with utmost safety. through a community curated by like-minded travellers and hosts. Hostelworld has a huge 36,000 properties across 178 countries in the world. With their 24/7 assistance and over 13M verified reviews, it is clear that the entire travel will be safe and comfortable. So, Stay in a hostel and meet the real world, not the tourist brochure. Read millions of hostel reviews from fellow travellers & book your next adventure today. #MeetTheWorld

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Hostelworld is a hostel booking website founded as part of Web Reservations International's parent company. Hostel world was launched in 1999 when an IT entrepreneur and hostel owner identified a niche in the market to introduce online bookings into hostels. Before 1999 there was no way for customers to book hostels and in the same way, hostel owners took the confirmed payments from customers. The company went from strength to strength and has become the leading provider of online reservations for the budget, independent and youth travel market.
Hostelworld is a leading online platform for booking budget accommodations such as hostels, guesthouses, and budget hotels. The platform offers a wide range of options for travelers, including the "Near Hostel" feature, which allows users to search for accommodations in close proximity to their desired location. One popular option on the platform is Whoopers Hostel Palolem Goa, a budget-friendly hostel located in the popular beach town of Palolem, Goa. To make booking even more affordable, Hostelworld also offers a variety of coupon and discount codes, such as "hostelworld coupons" and "hostelworld discount coupons" which can be used to save money on bookings. Keep an eye out for "hostelworld coupon" codes to get the best deal on your next budget accommodation booking.

Hostelworld Coupons

Hostel World, the leading platform for budget accommodations, provides a wide range of options in popular destinations like Jaipur, Manali, Udaipur, and Kasol. Find the perfect hostel in Jaipur on Hostel World for an immersive experience. Discover affordable and comfortable stays in Manali, Udaipur, and Kasol through the extensive listings available on Hostel World. Enjoy hassle-free booking and memorable stays with Hostel World. We have a great option of coupon codes for you to help you in booking hostels. Have you planned for your next adventurous trip? Not yet then you have landed in the right place to plan your fun-packed trip. Book hostels from the various hostels near you, find co-travellers and make your trip an unmemorable one. Hostel world helps you to find the nearest hotels and could take you from solo to social mode in travelling.

  • Enjoy Free cancellation on all bookings
  • Grab the best discounts on Stays
  • Book property stays at the very cheapest prices

Hostelworld Offers

Who hates travelling, when it comes to exploring new places there is no stopping. Travelling made most people passionate about what they do. Hostel world puts a smile on travellers faces with its offers via various third-party sites. Who hates offers on things that they enjoy doing. Hostel world provides offers on hostel bookings, hotel bookings, food and beds, etc.,

  • Enjoy no charges on bookings
  • Book in groups at the very best prices

Booking on Hostel World

Before booking on Hostel world, browse and select an offer or coupon to apply to your booking.

  1. Select a destination
  2. Pick a Property
  3. Enter the details of guests and the duration of the trip
  4. You'll be taken to the payments page with offers applied
  5. After payment, you'll receive an on-screen confirmation

That's everything, booking is done.

Hostel World Return Policy

Hostelworld’s cancellation policy is 24 hours ahead of your arrival date (unless otherwise stated by the property in their House Rules). This means you should cancel at least 24 hours ahead of your arrival date to avoid a no-show or late cancellation charge.

Cancelling your booking:

  1. Log on to the Hostelworld account
  2. Find the booking
  3. Click on Cancel

Once you complete the above process, the property will be automatically notified of your cancellation. You can cancel up to 24 hours (unless otherwise stated) ahead of your arrival date; after this date has passed, then it will not be possible to cancel online. Cancellations after this time are considered a late cancellation or no-show and additional charges may apply if you have a non-refundable booking. In case of free cancellation and flexible bookings, your refunds and deposits will be refunded and added as a voucher for your next adventure.

Hostel World Discounts:

Hostel world offers a lot of discounts in terms of occasions to the travellers. We love to travel and stay in hostels to explore the world on a budget. Hostel World merges with other sites and offers many discounts like first-time user discounts, student offer discounts, group booking discounts, and property-based discounts etc., It enables travellers to make their trip happen in a budget-friendly manner.

How to apply discount coupons

  1. Visit a coupon site, namely Dealmela
  2. Search for Hostel world in the search bar
  3. Look for the offers and discounts
  4. Pick the right discount
  5. Then you will be landed on the Hostel World booking page with the discount applied.

Hostel World FAQs

Q.1: Do properties have age restrictions?

Ans : It is recommended that you check the property's description to find out whether or not there is an age restriction. If the property does have an age restriction and you fall outside of the age range, they reserve the right to refuse the booking upon your arrival.

Q.2: What is a Standard Flexible Booking?

Ans : The Standard Flexible Booking option enables you to cancel and rebook on as many times as you like, giving you the freedom to change your plans as you travel without losing your booking deposit.

Q.3: How can I contact the property before I make my booking online?

Ans : Hostel World does not provide contact information for hostels before you book them through their website. If you have a question about a specific hostel which is not covered in their description online, please contact Hostel World and they will be happy to find out for you!

Q.4: How do I book for a Group?

Ans : Similar to a normal booking, For groups, You can make it through by selecting the location, your guest count, and dates of stay.

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