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McAfee Coupons & Offers

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About McAfee

McAfee is a American global cyber-security software company that provides advanced security solutions to consumers, small and large businesses, enterprises, and governments.

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McAfee Coupon Code 2022

McAfee coupon code and discount Details Validity
McAfee offers Users can get up to Rs.3000 + an extra 10% off on family devices April 2023
Livesafe Offer on McAfee Free Trial for 30 Days April 2023
McAfee antivirus offers Avail Free Trial for 30 Days April 2023
McAfee premium Save up to Rs.3000 off on 10 devices with secure VPN April 2023

About McAfee

McAfee Corp. formerly known as McAfee Associates is an American global computer security software company headquartered in San Jose, CA.The company was founded in 1987 as McAfee Associates, named for its founder John McAfee. In 2000, McAfee/Network Associates was the leading authority in educating and protecting people against the Love Bug or ILOVEYOU virus, one of the most destructive computer viruses in history. McAfee primarily develops digital-security tools for personal computers and server devices, and more recently,for mobile devices. McAfee brands, products and sub-products include:

  • McAfee Total Protection
  • McAfee LiveSafe
  • McAfee Safe Connect VPN
  • McAfee Mobile Security for Android
  • McAfee Mobile Security for iOS
  • McAfee Virus Removal Service
  • McAfee Identity Theft Protection
  • McAfee Gamer Security
  • McAfee Safe Family
  • McAfee DAT Reputation Technology
  • McAfee Small Business Security

McAfee Offers

McAfee provide a wide range of products and solutions for the internet users, be it for the homes or for your office. The products and solutions they provide are the likes of Cloud Security, Database Security, Security Management, Web Security, Advanced Threat Analysis, Endpoint Protection, Data Protection & Encryption, Network Security, Security Information and Event Management or SIEM, Server Security. With McAfee you can add additional security to your system and no need to worry about the system Protection. Mcafee offers a livesale offer for a trial period of 30 days. Save Rs. 2800 on gamer security softwares. All of these products help keeping your computer systems free of virus and other such potential threats and also to do away with the viruses that might have already affected the system.So you will have a safe browsing experience on using McAfee software.

  • Flat 15% Off sitewide offer
  • Best Price for total protection of five devices

Cashback and discounts on McAfee

There are loads of discounts and offers available on the products from McAfee. So, every time you order something from them, make sure to use the McAfee cashback offers and deals listed on our page. We have curated the best deals so that you can save more than anybody else does. We make sure to keep the page updated. So, grab these offers before they are gone. For best discount coupons codes for McAfee products visit our dealmela Mcafee store page so that you can use them to minimise your expenditure.

How to claim or get McAfee offers?

  • First and foremost, go to the dealmela coupon page.
  • In the search box, type McAfee.
  • There are various coupons and discount codes to choose from; simply click on any of them.
  • They may lead you to the McAfee website checkout page, where the coupon will be instantly applied, or you may copy the coupon from the dealmela page and paste it in the McAfee checkout section.
  • Apply now to receive a discount.

MuscleBlaze FAQs

Q1: What happens after McAfee expires?

Ans: McAfee products with expired subscriptions still work but do not receive updates, and so can't protect you from new threats. When your subscription expires, you can no longer download new updates and virus definition files.

Q2: Can I transfer my McAfee to a new computer?

Ans: If you've installed your McAfee software on the maximum number of computers for the number of licenses that you purchased, you are not allowed to install the software on more computers. To install your software on another computer, you must purchase more licenses or transfer a license to your new computer.

Q3: Can I share my McAfee subscription?

Ans: You must purchase subscription separately to get support other devices. You can add these new subscriptions later at If you purchased a subscription for multiple devices product, such as LiveSafe or McAfee All Access, you can install the product on as many devices as you're licensed to protect.

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